The 10 most successful Brazilian crowdfunding campaigns of 2015

Kickante, Brazil’s top crowdfunding platform, compiled a list of the most successful campaigns of 2015. Nonprofit campaigns dominate the list, particularly environmental and animals rights causes, but games and a certain motivational speaker were also popular.

Gnomo dos Ranchos Animal Sanctuary

The 10 most successful Brazilian crowdfunding campaigns of 2015

After 24 years in operation, the Rancho dos Gnomos animal sanctuary ran out of space and decided to relocate 230 or so animals — everything from kittens and dogs to lions and sloths. The campaign raised R$ 1 million ($244,000), setting a new Latin American crowdfunding record thanks to a strong outreach effort that included promos on popular TV shows such as CQC.

‘The Brazilian Girl from Silicon Valley’

‘The Brazilian GIrl from Silicon Valley 2’ LegacyEntrepreneur and motivational speaker Bel Pesce wanted to go on a national speaking tour and make her latest book, “The Brazilian Girl from Silicon Valley 2,” freely available online. Fans contributed R$ 889,000 ($217,000).

Bel Pesce Tour of Brazil’s Capitals

Bel Pesce Tour of Brazil’s Capitals

This lady can sell! A separate campaign to support a national speaking tour connected to a series of motivational products including a children’s comic book raised R$ 737,000 ($217,000), giving Bel Pesce the No. 2 and No. 3 positions on the list and making her the year’s top moneymaker on Kickante.

Growing Roots at WimBelemDon!

Growing Roots at WimBelemDon

The WimBelemDon NGO has been providing tennis lessons to underprivileged youth in the Porto Alegre suburb of Belém Novo for 15 years, but the group was in danger of being evicted from its rented digs. A campaign to finance the purchase of the facility drew support from Guga Kuerten and other pro tennis stars, ultimately raising R$ 403,000 ($98,000).

Dá Pé – Let’s Replant Brazil

Dá Pé – Let’s Replant Brazil

The forestry show “Um Pé de Quê?” (presented by actress Regina Casé of The Second Mother fame) partnered with the Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica NGO for this campaign to replant 20,000 trees on the shores of the Una River, which raised R$ 401,000 ($97,000).

Hunters of the Galaxy

Hunters of the GalaxyDeveloper Daniel Alves funded this kaiju-themed eurogame focused on the construction of giant robots to the tune of R$ 218,000 ($53,000).

Adopt a Kitty – Donate a Brick

Adopt a Kitty – Donate a BrickSão Paulo cat shelter Adote Um Gatinho (“Adopt a Kitty”) raised R$196,000 ($47,000) to fund the purchase of a permanent home.

Runicards: Dungeons

Runicards – DungeonsDeveloper Rovalde Banchieri raised R$194,000 ($48,000) to fund this cooperative board game — a sequel to 2013’s “Runicards: Batalha pela Terra do Fogo.”

RENCTAS – For Brazil’s Biodiversity

RENCTAS – For Brazil’s BiodiversityRENCTAS, an internationally renowned environmental NGO, launched this campaign to finance a series of actions raising awareness of the need to protect Brazil’s biodiversity, raising R$ 180,000 ($44,000) along the way.

A Little Hand for Manu

Manu is a 3-year-old girl who was born without her right hand. This campaign to send her to Philadelphia for a prosthetic hand raised R$ 158,000 ($38,000) even though it didn’t offer any rewards!

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