Amazonas State University enters partnership with Caltech

Amazonas State University (Universidade do Estado do Amazonas, or UEA) entered into a partnership with Caltech, opening up new opportunities for research and academic exchange. UEA is Brazil’s largest multicampus university system, while Caltech was named the world’s best university in the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

“With this partnership, we will have the opportunity to work with world-leading physics professors,” said UEA Dean Cleinaldo Costa. “We also aim to boost industry through R&D, in addition to creating and promoting new products and technologies that will benefit not only the Amazon region but all of Brazil. We expect to launch a world-class physics lab at UEA.”

Amazonas State University enters partnership with Caltech
By Joiseane Oliveira/Amazons State University

Harvey Newman, a Caltech professor of physics, mathematics and astronomy, joined Costa, Amazonas state Governor José Melo and other local officials to formalize the partnership in Manaus on Jan. 15. The seeds for the collaboration were planted during a visit to UEA by researchers from Caltech and Fermilab — another U.S. institution with which UEA is set to partner with.

Alberto Santoro, coordinator of the UEA High Energy Experimental Physics program, hailed the partnership as a landmark for the state. “This exchange of scientific knowledge will open new opportunities for youths from Amazonas state to intern at a leading global institution,” he said.

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