Apex-Brasil partners with Gartner for IT program

Apex-Brasil partnered with Gartner to launch a program designed to help Brazilian IT and software companies enter international markets.

IT in Brazil

Brazil’s IT market was valued at $60 billion in 2014, making it the 8th largest global market. Brazilian IT sector exports, including software, hardware and IT services, reached $3.4 billion in 2014, accounting for 2.4 percent of the country’s GDP — a figure that leaves significant potential for growth, according to Apex-Brasil, the country’s trade and investment promotion agency.

Gartner Brasil IT+

The six IT and software companies to be selected for the new program, dubbed Gartner Brasil IT+, will receive:

  • Access to specialized market research, SWOT analyses and reports on topics such as emerging technologies and go-to-market strategies
  • Unlimited analyst consultations via teleconferencing until Dec. 31
  • Quarterly accompaniment sessions with two senior analysts, who will also work with Apex-Brasil to provide quarterly progress reports

How to apply

The program is geared to Brazilian IT and software companies with annual revenue of at least R$ 10 million ($2.6 million) and sufficient budget to launch international operations. The application deadline is March 13, and there are three stages to the selection process:

  • An initial list of 24 companies will be selected based on responses to 40 questions (in Portuguese) assessing their global market potential
  • The field will be narrowed down to 12 companies based on responses to seven questions (in English) assessing strategy for and experience in international markets
  • Six finalists will be selected following interviews (in English) with Gartner analysts; six runner-ups will be placed on a wait list in case one or more of the finalists drop out.

Go here for the application form and here for the full program rules (pdf)

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