Balé Folclórico da Bahia coming to Michigan

The good news is that Balé Folclórico da Bahia just started a U.S. tour; the bad news is that their only performance in the region will be at Michigan State University.

Balé Folclórico da Bahia, which dubs itself the only professional folk dance company in Brazil, is a 38-member troupe of dancers, musicians, and singers. Based in Salvador, the company performs a repertory based on Bahian folkloric dances of African origin, including slave dances, Capoeira, samba and Carnaval celebrations.

Formed in 1988, Balé Folclórico da Bahia toured Europe for the first time in 1992 and made its U.S. debut three years later. The company has toured the U.S. six times since then, including performances in Chicago and several major Midwestern universities from Ohio to Nebraska — but if you want to see them this time and you’re not in Central Michigan, get ready for a road trip.

Tickets are $15 for MSU students and $24 to $42 for everyone else — and if you’re willing to spend another $45, you can join Walson Botelho, the company’s co-founder and executive director, at a private Spotlight Dinner. Go here for reservations.

Oct. 27, 7 p.m.
Wharton Center for the Performing Arts
320 Wharton Center
East Lansing, MI 48824

Written by Sergio Barreto

Brazilian-American editor, web developer and (occasional) event promoter. As founder and content director for this site, I keep an eye on what's wrong with Brazil, but what really makes my heart beat faster is sharing the exciting things happening in Brazilian tech, music, film, and other creative industries.

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