Heterosexual Pride Day is not a joke – or is it?

Brazilian Federal Deputy Eduardo Cunha introduced in 2010 a bill aiming to institute a national Heterosexual Pride Day (Dia do Orgulho Heterossexual) — and no, it’s not a joke. Cunha is part of the National Congress of Brazil’s growing evangelical block, and he’s also the author of a bill that would punish doctors who perform abortions with up to 10 years in prison.

A YouTube channel specialized in LGBT humor thought Hetero Pride Day was a joke, and this video poking fun at the idea had more than 200,000 views in four days. Among other things, the guys explain that the new pride day “will guarantee for straight people the same rights that gay people already have,” such as “the right to be kicked out of your home” and “the right to suffer violence in the streets.”

The video has (decent) English subtitles, so check it out for yourself!

Written by Sergio Barreto

Brazilian-American editor, web developer and (occasional) event promoter. As founder and content director for this site, I keep an eye on what's wrong with Brazil, but what really makes my heart beat faster is sharing the exciting things happening in Brazilian tech, music, film, and other creative industries.

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