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  • Review: 'Soulbound' ('Teus Olhos Meus')

    Review: ‘Soulbound’ (‘Teus Olhos Meus’)

    Gil is a 20-year-old would be musician with troubles at home; he’s orphaned and lives with an aunt, but her brutish husband is running out of patience for his bohemian ways. One night while bumming around Rio de Janeiro he runs into Otávio, a middle-aged gay man who’s having his own share of problems with […]

  • Daniela Mercury comes out

    Daniela Mercury comes out

    Singer Daniela Mercury caused quite a stir this week after posting on Instagram affectionate photos and a declaration of love for another woman — journalist Malu Verçosa, chief editor of Bahia Meio Dia, the leading local news program in her home state of Bahia. Malu agora é minha esposa, minha família,minha inspiração pra cantar. A […]

  • Brazilian songs out of the closet

    Brazilian songs out of the closet

    Pride season is making me think about the importance of Brazilian music in my life and all the songs that left marks in my sentimental education. It is funny how sexuality seems to always have been at the center of Brazilian popular music in a way that I don’t think happens in other cultures. I […]

  • 'Elvis & Madona' - Gender-bending film begging for U.S. distribution

    ‘Elvis & Madona’: Gender-bending film begging for U.S. distribution

    Here’s a new-ish Brazilian movie that looks like it has everything to become a hit on the U.S. indie/specialty film circuit. I say new-ish because Elvis & Madona was completed in 2009 and already screened at several film festivals but was unable to find distribution in Brazil until recently; it opened last weekend to enthusiastic […]