New Year’s Eve celebrations to inject R$ 5 billion in the Brazilian economy

The four most popular New Year’s Eve events in Brazil are expected to inject R$ 4.9 billion into the national economy this year. The attractions many Brazilian cities offer for the celebrations attract tourists from around the world, who bring important benefits to the economy.

“The figures show that New Year’s Eve is one of the main dates for national tourism, and the movement of tourists throughout the country contributes decisively to local economies. The Ministry of Tourism helps this effort by improving infrastructure in these destinations and with the training of the professionals who will serve these travellers,” said Tourism Minister Marx Beltrão.

Check out Brazil’s flagship attractions for the last night of year:

Rio de Janeiro

Rio is expecting approximately 2.7 million tourists for its world-famous New Year’s Eve. Municipal government forecasts indicate visitors are likely to inject R$ 2.2 billion in the state capital’s economy.


The government is projecting 410,000 tourists for five days of celebration in the Bahia state capital for the arrival of the new year, with an expected R$ 405 million boost in revenue.


The capital of Ceará, also in the Northeast, is holding a music festival that is likely to attract 650,000 tourists, with R$ 1.5 billion injected into the economy.


Further south, the Santa Catarina state capital is expecting one million tourists for New Year’s, with a total R$ 780 million boost to the local economy.

Agência Brasil

Written by Agência Brasil

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