#NossaFamiliaExiste supports Brazil’s LGBT families – with an Xmas touch

A social media campaign launched this week calls on Brazilian LGBT families to share Christmas-themed photos with the hashtag #NossaFamiliaExiste (“our family exists”).

The call, coming from an organization dubbed the National campaign of Support for Egalitarian Civil Marriage in Brazil, is in response to the so-called Family Statute — a bill that’s advancing in the National Congress with support from Evangelical deputies.

The Supreme Federal Tribunal (Brazil’s highest court) ruled on May 2013 that same-sex couples constituted a family unit, and dozens of LGBT couples have adopted children since then. The Family Statute would revoke the recognition granted to LGBT families, and its author — Ronaldo Fonseca of the fringe Republican Party of the Social Order — is considering a clause that would ban LGBT adoptions flat out.

Here are some of the families that would be thrown into a legal limbo if the bill becomes law.

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Props to Midia Ninja for the photos

Written by Sergio Barreto

Brazilian-American editor, web developer and (occasional) event promoter. As founder and content director for this site, I keep an eye on what's wrong with Brazil, but what really makes my heart beat faster is sharing the exciting things happening in Brazilian tech, music, film, and other creative industries.

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