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  • Paulo Padilha looks back on Midwest tour

    Paulo Padilha may not be a household name, but the guy has a nearly 30-year-career behind him, and he’s not about to stop. A graduate of the University of São Paulo school of music, Padilha co-founded the instrumental combo Aquilo del Nisso in 1986. Asides from backing Brazilian music giants such as Hermeto Pascoal and […]

  • Watch: Omaha's Brasil Carnaval 2014

    Watch: Omaha’s Brasil Carnaval 2014

    Below zero temps, crazy blowing wind … nope, that didn’t stop the annual Brasil Carnaval party at the Nebraska cultural hotspot House of Loom on Feb. 28. Shout-outs to João de Brito for the art, Marta Preininger for the food, Tomás Morales, Jason Horacek & Topiltzin Mariano Alarcon for the percussion, Brent Crampton for the music selections, and Hot Tail Honeys for the samba gals.

  • Brazilian music comes to Western Illinois

    Brazilian music comes to Western Illinois

    Chicago’s self-described “Brazilian Jazz Guy,” Luciano Antonio, took a field trip to Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, on Jan 11. Antonio was invited by Nikki Whittaker Malley, instructor in music and director of the jazz program at Knox, to participate in the first Knox Winter Jazz Series — an educational and performance project that aims to showcase […]

  • Balé Folclórico da Bahia coming to Michigan

    The good news is that Balé Folclórico da Bahia just started a U.S. tour; the bad news is that their only performance in the region will be at Michigan State University. Balé Folclórico da Bahia, which dubs itself the only professional folk dance company in Brazil, is a 38-member troupe of dancers, musicians, and singers. Based in Salvador, the […]

  • Gallery: Brazil at Iowa Latino Heritage Festival

    Gallery: Brazil at Iowa Latino Heritage Festival

    The Des Moines-area Brazilian community went unrepresented at the Iowa Latino Heritage Festival for years, but this time things were different. A group of volunteers got together to showcase Brazilian culture at the 2013 edition of the festival, which included Capoeira presentations and the debut of Brazilian Moves, a dance troupe specializing in folkloric dances such […]

  • Gallery: Brasil Day St. Louis

    On Sept. 7, the Brazilian community in Missouri was finally able to celebrate their homeland’s Independence Day properly — with a big street party! The first-ever Brasil Day St. Louis was the brainchild of Moacyr Marchini, who’s been bringing Brazilian music to the Mound City for over 20 years. “Brazilian families came out in droves to […]

  • John Deere to build more tractors at Brazil factory

    John Deere to build more tractors at Brazil factory

    John Deere announced last week that it would be building its popular 8R tractors at the company’s facility in Montenegro, in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, in a bid to enhance the company’s ability to serve its Brazilian customers. The iconic Moline, Ill.-based company will invest approximately $40 million in the effort […]

  • Brazil represented at Iowa's Latino Heritage Festival

    Brazil represented at Iowa’s Latino Heritage Festival

    Iowa’s Latino Heritage Festival has been a Des Moines tradition since 2002, but the event hasn’t had a a Brazilian presence for a few years. This time, things will be different. Patricia O’Connell, a Minas Gerais native and Zumba instructor, rounded up enough volunteers to set up a Brazilian booth this weekend, which conveniently includes Brazilian […]

  • In Minnesota or the Dakotas? Host a Brazilian exchange student!

    In Minnesota or the Dakotas? Host a Brazilian exchange student!

    Forte International Exchange Association is looking to place a Brazilian student in Minnesota or the Dakotas ASAP. “I have placed many students from Brazil in the South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota area,” said Forte International Local Representative Heidi Morlock by e-mail. “Requirements of the host families include a criminal background check, an application, references, […]