Brazilians Abroad

Eliane Elias wins Latin Jazz Grammy for ‘Made in Brazil’

Pianist/singer/songwriter Eliane Elias won the 2016 Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Album for "Made in Brazil," the first album…

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Brazilian-helmed short film to shoot in Chicago

A man and a woman meet on a rooftop; they’re both contemplating suicide, for different reasons. Will they be able…

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Brazilian film student sells series to Crackle

Jane lived a normal life until a car accident left her in a coma. She suddenly wakes up seven years…

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Brazilian talent shines in new AMC series (and beyond)

Brazilian-born Gabriel Dib is part of the team responsible for the music of Halt and Catch Fire, a new series…

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Interview: Sérgio Assad on roots and music

When Yo-Yo Ma headlined the Viva Brasil! concert at the Chicago Symphony Hall on April 29, I knew that two…

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