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  • Oscar Niemeyer's Pampulha added to UNESCO World Heritage List

    Oscar Niemeyer’s Pampulha added to UNESCO World Heritage List

    The Pampulha Modern Ensemble, a modernist architectural complex designed by Oscar Niemeyer, is the 20th Brazilian site to be added to the United Nations cultural agency’s World Heritage list. The site was inscribed on the list Sunday (July 17) in Istanbul, Turkey, by consensus decision of the 21 member countries in the World Heritage Committee of […]

  • RUA represents Brazilian architecture at Chicago Biennial

    RUA Arquitetos, launched by urbanists Pedro Évora and Pedro Rivera in 2008, is a Rio de Janeiro-based creative team developing novel approaches to spatial design. In 2011, the firm was invited by the nonprofit Observatório de Favelas and art promoter Automática to rehab a warehouse in Rio’s Maré favela and convert it into the Bela Maré […]

  • 10 photos of Rio de Janeiro's iconic sidewalks

    10 photos of Rio de Janeiro’s iconic sidewalks

    Rio de Janeiro’s 1.2 million square meters (3 million square feet) of mosaic sidewalks constitute one of the world’s most remarkable specimens of the art of Portuguese pavement — a tradition introduced by Portuguese settlers to Brazil and other colonies. The world-famous promenade on Copacabana Beach and the median strip alongside it are the most notable examples. The Copacabana sidewalks, designed […]

  • Oscar Niemeyer's Chicago connection

    Oscar Niemeyer’s Chicago connection

    Chicago’s billionaire Pritzker family established the Pritzker Architecture Prize through its Hyatt Foundation in 1979. The international award, which has come to be regarded as architecture’s equivalent to the Noble Prize, is granted annually to celebrate the notable achievements of a living architect. In 1988, the year of its tenth anniversary, the jury decided to […]