FLIP 2016 pays tribute to poet Ana C.

The 2016 Paraty International Literary Festival (FLIP) kicked off yesterday (Jun. 29) on a smaller budget, but with a record…

São Paulo looms large in Anthony Mazza’s illustrations

Anthony Mazza is a self-taught illustrator  living in Jaú, a small metropolitan area in central São Paulo state. He has…

This pastel festival will make you crave a trip to São Paulo

As anyone who’s ever been to Brazil or visited restaurants catering to Brazilian expats knows, pastel (pl. pastéis) is one…

Statue of writer Clarice Lispector is new Rio beach photo spot

Clarice Lispector lived in Rio de Janeiro’s Leme neighborhood from 1966 until her death in 1977 — and now, fans…

Marianne Peretti, the woman behind Brasília’s stained glass designs

Franco-Brazilian artist Marianne Peretti is finally getting her due recognition in Brazil thanks to the publication of her first biography…

How a rural tradition became a unique Holy Week celebration in northeast Brazil

Farmers in the southern region of Ceará state used to celebrate the end of harvest by placing a scarecrow on…

Feminicidade project honors inspiring Brazilian women on IWD 2016

Fed up with International Women’s Day becoming more and more of a Hallmark holiday, several São Paulo non-profits joined forces…

Meet Bolinho, Brazil’s tastiest street artist

Maria Raquel Couto got involved with street art in 2009 by helping out her boyfriend, who had been painting walls…

12 photos of an exhibit celebrating Brazil’s intangible cultural heritage

An exhibit making the rounds of Brazil’s state capitals since last year showcases the country’s intangible cultural heritage. Brazil has…

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