Graphic Arts


São Paulo looms large in Anthony Mazza’s illustrations

Anthony Mazza is a self-taught illustrator  living in Jaú, a small metropolitan area in central São Paulo state. He has…
Graphic Arts

Recycling campaign highlights time it takes for each component of a product to break down

A new campaign aims to boost recycling in Salvador, Bahia, by highlighting how long it takes each component of certain…
Graphic Arts

20 eye-popping Brazilian sleeveface photos

Sleeveface, the act of taking a stylized photo using a record sleeve to cover up one’s face or other body…
Graphic Arts

Brazilian ad agency creates striking refugee campaign

Humanitarian agency ADRA just launched a worldwide petition to collect signatures in support of countries hosting Syrian refugees. Brazilian creative…

What it's like when the animal to be slaughtered is you (NSFW)

Being a vegan, Hugo Fagundes has a problem with “humane slaughter,” the term that designates supposedly painless techniques to kill…
Brazilians You Should Know

Brazilian film student sells series to Crackle

Jane lived a normal life until a car accident left her in a coma. She suddenly wakes up seven years…
Brazilians You Should Know

Brazilian talent shines in new AMC series (and beyond)

Brazilian-born Gabriel Dib is part of the team responsible for the music of Halt and Catch Fire, a new series…
Food and Drink

Chef Alex Atala: Serving up the Amazon

Brazilian chef Alex Atala gives back after becoming an international culinary sensation by using ingredients from the Amazon rainforest.

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