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  • Album Review: Isabel Lenza's 'Ouro' is hot on Céu's trial

    Album Review: Isabel Lenza’s ‘Ouro’ is hot on Céu’s trail

    Ouro is Isabel Lenza’s debut, and it shares the wavelength of another São Paulo-based singer-songwriter so often that comparisons are inevitable. Reggae-tinged tracks like “Incontível” recall Céu’s early, dub-heavy works, but most of Ouro goes for the seamless blend of electronic textures and traditional Brazilian pop that Céu perfected in last year’s Tropix. It took Céu […]

  • Meet Rico Dalasam, Brazil's first queer rapper

    Meet Rico Dalasam, Brazil’s first queer rapper

    This 26-year-old was born Jefferson Ricardo Silva in Taboão da Serra, a working-class community on the outskirts of São Paulo, but he reinvented himself as Rico Dalasam — a rapper with looks to die for, who takes equal pride in his sexuality and in his Afro-Brazilian heritage. Dalasam honed his craft in the same DJ […]

  • Choro das 3

    Choro das 3 on tour; check out their new music!

    Choro das 3, the father-daughters quartet that’s one of the finest representatives of choro music in the U.S., is in the midst of a summer tour to support their new album, Impressões. See if they’re coming to a town near you — more dates and details to be announced. July 20: Chicago / Jazz Showcase […]

  • Duo Ladeira's debut is fusion without the pretension

    Duo Ladeira’s debut is fusion without the pretension

    Duo Ladeira is a Brazilian musical duo who do not come from Rio, São Paulo, or Salvador. As described in their short interview below, their influences are diverse. Listening to their music, one is aware of these influences while noting that this duo has arrived at a familiar yet fresh sound. Their debut album, Ladeira, […]

  • Bebel Gilberto on tour

    Bebel Gilberto on tour

    Bebel Gilberto doesn’t sound anything like her dad, João Gilberto, the bossa nova pioneer fiercely committed to a bare-bones musical approach. But Bebel is like her dad in the sense that you know what you’re going to get when she goes into the studio: a classy melding of lounge music, traditional Brazilian stylings, and electronic […]


    Vento festival makes Ilhabela even more of a hot spot

    Ilhabela, a paradisiacal archipelago on the coast of São Paulo state, draws more tourists with each passing year. A jazz festival launched in 2012 helped raise its profile as a cultural center, and just when you didn’t think it was possible for Ilhabela to get any cooler, along came Vento (“Wind”), a festival bringing together […]

  • Céu, Rodrigo Amarante kicking off international tours

    Céu, Rodrigo Amarante kicking off international tours

    Two major names in contemporary Brazilian music, Céu and Rodrigo Amarante, are kicking off international tours over the next week or so. In Céu’s case, it would be more accurate to say that she’s resuming an international tour. After playing several European dates in April to support her recent Tropix album (stream it and read our […]

  • Listen: Mahmundi's summery debut (chillwave, R&B and more)

    New music: Mahmundi’s summery debut a mix of chillwave, R&B and more

    Winter is coming along in Brazil, but Mahmundi’s self-titled debut album is all about summer. Warmth, sunshine and the ocean are constant references, but by the time you get to the third track, “Eterno Verão” (“Eternal Summer”), the chorus (“In this eternal summer life passes by and we don’t even notice”) suggests that the summer […]