World AIDS Day in Brazil

Brasília’s main buildings and monuments were bathed in red light Tuesday in honor of World AIDS Day.

World AIDS Day in Brazil 987874-02122015dsc_7906The Ministry of Health released a report showing there were 39,951 new HIV diagnoses in Brazil in 2014, down 5% from 41,199 in 2013.

Some bullet points from the 2015 AIDS Epidemiology Bulletin (pdf):

  • An estimated 781,000 Brazilians are living with HIV/AIDS
  • Brazil’s AIDS mortality rate decreased 10.09% since 2003
  • Males account for 65% of HIV/AIDS cases from 1980 to June 2015
  • The South and Southeast regions account for 20% of HIV/AIDS cases from 1980 to June 2015, compared with 14.6% for the Northeast, 5.9% for the Midwest and 5.7% for the North
  • Young people (ages 15 to 24 years) are the exception to the positive trends; there were 4,699 new HIV/AIDS cases in this age group in 2014, up from 3,419 in 2004
Health Minister Marcelo Castro (third from left) launches awareness campaign

The Ministry of Health launched an awareness campaign with the motto “with treatment, you are stronger than AIDS.” Health Minister Marcelo Castro said the government is “particularly concerned about the situation with young people and what seems to be a sense of complacency.”

The campaign emphasizes the importance of early detection and treatment. Here’s the video:

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